Our research has guided us towards the following practical tips about early Chinese literacy learning.Although most of our research studies have been on children, we think many of these ideas can also apply to foreigners learning Chinese as a second language/script.

Learning Tips and Suggestions

Here, we present some learning tips and suggestions for games to facilitate Chinese reading and writing skills. Click here to learn more!

Methodology and Theory

We cite papers and book chapters (by number) to indicate how we conceptualize the “why” of all this for those who are interested in methodology and theory. A summary of each of these and its implications can also be found here.


Did you know?

Learning Chinese can also be different for children in different locations. For example, Pinyin is used in Mainland China, whereas Zhuyin Fuhao is widely used in Taiwan. Also, Mainland China and Singapore use simplified characters, and Taiwan and Hong Kong use traditional characters.

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